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The M18 FUEL� 1-1/2� Magnetic Drill drills faster than the number one corded competitor, delivers the strongest magnetic hold on 1/4� steel providing a safer drilling environment in this material, and drills up to (76) 13/16� holes per charge. The M18 FUEL� 1-1/2� Magnetic Drill delivers safer drilling on �� steel by providing the industry�s strongest holding force on this material. By utilizing permanent magnets, the magnetic base operates without electricity; ensuring that the magnet does not deactivate if the battery is drained. Equipped with Auto-Stop lift-off detection, power to the motor is automatically cut if excess rotational motion is detected while drilling. Powered by a Milwaukee POWERSTATE� Brushless Motor, both drills are faster than their corded counterparts, and deliver the same 1-1/2� annular cutter capacity. REDLINK PLUS� Intelligence is the most advanced electronic system on the market, preventing damage to the tool and battery caused by overloading or overheating. The M18� REDLITHIUM� HIGH DEMAND� 9.0 Battery Pack delivers up to 5X more run time, 35% more power, and runs 60% cooler than standard 18V lithium-ion batteries. It maintains full power and runs substantially cooler through heavy applications, allowing users to push their cordless tools harder and longer than ever before. The M18� REDLITHIUM� HIGH DEMAND� 9.0 battery is fully compatible with 100+ M18� tools.

M18 FUEL� 1-1/2" Magnetic Drill High Demand� Kit

SKU: 2787-22HD